Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oh we do like to be...

In the midst of illness, we took a meander down to the coast in what became an invalid attempt to buy my husband a new bike.. But we did get to play on the beach for a bit... And we took these...and so I continue my promise to be in front of the lens more often..

A few people lately have asked what camera I use...

I have a Canon 400D. A model they no longer make..  But I think my photos are also a direct result of good lenses too. I no longer use my standard kit lenses. I swap between a Sigma 24-70mm ( on my camera 90% of the time) and a Canon 50mm fixed. Beautiful for portraits and closeup in particular.

My husband who, bless him doesn't fess up to be an artful photographer took the images above. I had it on the settings I wanted though before he got his mits on it! So I can add that I also NEVER have my camera on auto. BUT..I am also experienced now at having it on manual..So please don't think you have to take yours off auto.. My best advice to begin with..Study your manual.. Mine is all dogeared and kept in my camera bag. I sometimes still get it out and peruse it...Always learning..

And on a sidenote...I have one of these...on my wish list.. 

All this info has in fact brought to mind an idea I have been tossing around for a while now. I think I am going to run some practical, hand-on amatuer photography classes. I will put it together more formally soon. But at this stage it will be limited to six or so people and run across 2 consecutive weekends. Focussing on light, compostion and using your DSLR camera on manual settings. I will even provide some models, (possibly my own kids..LOL) ...Stay tuned...

Oh...and I could even extend to a basic photoshop course after..We'll see....

Some scrapping layouts to come soon..I promise...


  1. That sounds great, why didnt you think of this before i moved away

  2. Ooooh good to know someone else uses a 400D thats what I have! Might look into those lenses because I only use the standard ones but want to get a little more creative! Love these photos too!!

  3. Gorgeous pics and the course sounds great. I would definitely consider it if the timing worked for me.

  4. Ahh!! The beach in winter. Love it. Wish I could get there. Wish I could relinquish control of the camera too...

  5. Would love to do your photo class
    From Carolyn