Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday 28/7

Photo: Hallie V

Today I am thankful that I get to know what it is like having a son..Actually I am thanful everyday..But I have this photo now that I LOVE.. and it's Thursday..

 I was out walking today and a well built, clean cut young man, in his teens jogged by me. I had this crazy urge to hug him and tell him to be good to his dear mother...I am sure had I acted on my urge he would have called me a freak and used some unfortunate teenage language on me..But there you have it..I now have a future to look forward too filled also with all things male..Sometimes it kinda gives me the heebie jeebies..See I know what the girls will go through.. But him? We will have to learn together...
Still thankful though......

P.S. For anyone considering a photoshoot with me but are thinking it's too cold.This photo was taken in Vic Park on sunny Winter's day just two weeks gone.. Book me now...Don't wait! LOL!


  1. Hi love! Working with stinky teenage boys all day, all I can say is that you must be mistaken about the boy's age! There is a real rough patch between about 12-16 that you dont really want to be in the same room as them!

    But there are some exceptions and I am sure our gorgeous little men will be just that!

    Need to catch you soon ;)


  2. hi.. this is an adorable photo.. actually my son has been an absolute blessing.. it is fabulous to stand on lego bits and have sand and indescribable things in their pockets when you go to wash their shorts and they eat anything and their hair is easy to manage when razored and they love fart jokes and frogs.. so enjoy your son..i have!!

  3. Love that Hoodie! Sad it was put through a hot wash at this end :( So Glad it now fits Rylan, he looks dapper in it :)xxR

  4. Hmmm!! Food for thought about the boys!!...Hallie is doing a great job with the camera too.