Wednesday, July 1, 2009



Say no more if you please..

Just pray I survive it..

I was never a big Survivor fan..

But I think I might liken the next two weeks to this reality TV show phenomenon. Just what challenges shall confront me as I strive toward the start of term 3?What will I have to face in this personal struggle in the freaking dead of Winter with my darling angels unable to get outside? My house is my island , my children my endless round of punishing challenges... I am sure I will face the following:

  • Days of whinging, endless frowning, much disgruntled grunting ( a well practised technique in our home of chicks.), tiresome foot stamping.
  • I am sure there will be screeching, squealing, hitting, even punching as I sort the winners from the losers and struggle onwards..
  • There has already been cajoling, bribery and outright yelling - and that was from me!
  • Tears shall issue forth, fights will ensue and timeouts are a definite possiblity.
  • endless supplies of indoor activities..Cleaning up their toy room, playdough, scrapping, movies, baking, painting, dress ups, make up...
  • Hissy fits are on the are tantys and door slamming..
  • Crap from one end of the house to the other..Daily..
  • Copious amounts of washing, plenty of messy knotty hair..
  • Playdates, bike rides ( in gale force winds) and day trips..

BUT it's a trade off because on my island I do get:

  • Smiles, giggles, laughter, plenty of photo oppurtunities and seeing them everyday..
  • Sharing, playing with their baby sister..
  • Lots of FUN together..
  • No school uniforms, no school run, no school lunches to make..

C xx

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  1. I'm hearing ya!! we are almost half way thru our 4 week mid semester break here in NT!!! surviving so far.... but a long way to go. lol