Monday, June 29, 2009

an extra confession...of the kitty variety

Confessing my cleaning avoidance issues it seems had some cathhartic (sp?) benefits!

My husband read my blog and even had a chuckle.. Dunno if he particualrly found the virgo comment to his fancy..But what are you to do? He is SO a virgo..Total list maker, neat freak and well - that works for me, which is what made me think of soemthing else I might like to confess.

And when I say confess, I really mean SHARE..Because although I am confessing to a serious cleaning avoidance, it is really a scam that I have managed to get away with..and deep down (insert evil laugh here) I really quite LIKE that I managed to pull it off for so long..

Anyways.. I digress....

Drum roll please...H is beating on a saucepan behind me .. No seriously she's not.. But you get the idea.

When I got pregnant with my firstborn 8 yrs ago (YIKES!) we did all the usual things. Trawled through books (online wasn't so much of an option then) spoke to everyone about it.. We wanted to do everything right.. One day I stumbled across the section of things to avoid.

CATS! Particularly cats bums! Holy crap we have 3 cats! Which adds up to 3 cats bums!

If you don't have a cat you will not know that having a cat means being snuggly quite often with that cats bum. For gods sake do they really need to put it in you face? But apparantly they do.

I craftily realised (insert evil rubbing hand together) by finding myself up the duff,I need not clean out the dreaded kitty litter!
Who called it that anyway?
Our term for it here is ''shitty litter". Much more appropriate.

Needless to say I found myself pregnant within twelve months of my first daughter and continued to avoid the litter box.
6 & and half years and three children later, I STILL don't deign to touch that evil smelly area. It has become HIS chore... Tehe!

Every now and then he would whinge and make comment about my lack of commitment to shit removal... I soon put a stop to that...

Hello baby number four.. SERIOUSLY.. what a valid reason to have number 4.
Not cleaning the kitty litter was in my 'yes let's have another baby' column.. For sure..

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  1. rofl. I'd do exaclty the same thing... and shitty litter is the perfect name. lol