Monday, June 15, 2009


It's all about motion..The babe is a movin'and a shakin'...And what's that lovely big black object in front of you face Mama? I want it!!!!!!!

Toadstools..AKA fairy housing project..

Isn't it just the cutest little nose? It's in our faces ALL the time. Not always so cute then!

This is what she does with her tongue these days?? Cute or signs of feralness?? Will let you know!

Hello?? Knock knock.. Fairies are you there? NO? Out shopping?? Picking up a new set of glittering wings maybe??

Here are my most recent photos. Wanted to get some of the girlies in the Autumn leaves - before Winter arrived! Phew! I think I made it by days - in fact I missed it by days! On recollection it was already June when I got around to getting these shots.

Needless to say the girlies are in their total weekend daggies. They had done their own hair and after 'scouting'Autumn leaf locations for weeks ( there wasn't too many leaves left on too many trees!) I ended up scooting across the road and taking them in front of my neighbours house! You will notice the beautiful red leaves behind my pup Maggie! And bonus - we found the cutest little red toadstools! Pardon me - fairy village - if you please!

Jemma wasn''t feeling well, hence her withering look for ALL her shots. Who am I kidding?? They all weren't feeling well, Milla isn't even in the shots coz she was so crook it seriously wasn't quite 'motherly'' to drag her out and make her pose in the wet leaves so I can feel I have suitably photograped Autumn!

Who else realises that- school-aged children put a major dent in available photography time! Add a crawling, coughing, snotty (but still gorgeous!) 9 month old who grabs for the camera every time I get it out and my worthwhile images are in seriously short supply!

Alas! I do what I can. I poke, cajole and bribe my way into half decent shots of my bigger girls and take the blurry ones of the 'infant in constant movement' - obvioulsy for scrapping and posterity only!

Bring on Winter..and a few snowy days. I can rug them up and get cute ones in fluffy hats and red noses!!

C xx

PS. One confirmed case of swine flu at the girls school... *sigh*

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  1. nice shots... love the fairy houses!

    Ugh... tell me about the swine flu! I am over it! Guess whose daughter was drinking out of the bubble taps tonight!?!?!!?!?! OMG I nearly had a meltdown!

    Is Jemmy feeling ok?