Monday, June 1, 2009

This is what makes life so sweet..

Learning! All the little crazy things she does. God love her. Look at the drool too! She's one crazy little chicky babe this one. This was the first time she had cruised around using one of our barstools, as you can see she eventually fell in the process! Now she does this ALL the time. If I am standing in the kitchen, I can see the stool moving away and hear the noise, but not see her, so cute. The bigger girls eat breakfast at the bar stools during the week and often come back to eat to find the stool gone! So sweet..

Food, food and more food. Cheeky miss! She loves to eat. BUT if she isn't ready to have aouthful she swipes at the spoon and if I am not totally on my game this if the result! Now normally, I would clean her up as I go, BUT on this day she was enjoying it so much, I thought I would just leave it and get the photos instead! Check out the total deviousness in her grin. So sweet..
Look at them.. It makes my heart just melt. I took these photos one Sat morning. The girls had gotten up and I had gotten Milla up. Just after breakfast I went about doing the normal Mum things, cleaning up, putting the washing on..When I went to check on the baby this is what I found in the toy room. They had propped her up with a little couch on the chair and were having 'breakfast'. Milla was opening up her mouth to 'pretend'for them. I am not sure what she thought about this?? I am pretty sure she thought that there should have been food on the spoon. I love that they are all still in their PJ's. This is a common occurence on a weekend in our house! After a full week of preparing for school, none of feel the need to rush to get dressed come Saturday!
These are the little things that makes my life with four adorable crazy girls so very sweet..
C xx

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