Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just coz..

I think she is darling...

Even get these shots:

  • I had to put my camera down a ZILLION times to put her back on our 'studio' set up!
  • I had to wipe copious gallons of snot from her at 3 min intervals
  • I gave up and let her crawl all over me instead of having her photo taken..
  • Her chin was covered in a drool rash, that I have spent many minutes geting rid of POST photographic shoot..
  • I had to bribe her older sisters with baby chinos and choc truffles at the local cafe (boys would have been happy with a packet of chips surely!) to be my 'assistants'
  • I had H dangling a toy in front of her face (and camera *sigh*) to try to get her to look, which obvioiusly did not have the desired effect.

After 15min of this extremely exhausting process.. We were working with a background 'scrap' of material that the olders girls during 'breaks' started to wear as a strapless tube dress..I think I have one decent photo of her looking and lots of other I like to label as artistic endeavours.. Such as you see here!

She is a darling though.. Isn't she?

I also have photos of the older girls with this background. I found my form after I realised I could set the girls the task of holding the backdrop rather than pointlessly using sticky tape on the newly painted dresser! They simply took turns holding (and dropping) it and voila!

An afternoon tea including a lovely strong latte for me with my four ladies later.. I uploaded and started to play...

Will post the other soon.

What background can I use next time??

Off to feed the masses..

C xx

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