Monday, July 6, 2009

Did you hear?

That Collingwood won on Friday night?
Fourth on the ladder!
You would think Milla would be happier in her magpie gear hey?
I love her little scarf..
So cute..
I couln't make her close one eye for the photo though! Hehe.. Then she would have been a true one-eyed magpie..
Go the pies!
I also just got my THIRD parking ticket in 6 months at the local shopping centre.. Grrr, I could rip someone a new %$#*%.. right at the minute. I am fuming. What is th epoint shopping for gorgeous bargain clothes for your little loves when a ticket makes the outing so much more pricey?
Do I tell darling dearest?
I feel- that NO would be the best way..
BUT I have three little tattle tails who witnessed my hissy fit upon arrival at our vehicle and they are most likely to bring up my potty-mouthed behaviour during our dinnertime discussions... it would go something like this:
D: So what did you girls get up to today?
M: (stony, but secretive silence)
G: Oh. Mum swore, threw her keys, slammed all four car doors and behaved like a crazy person.
D: Really?
M: (silence, but slightly red -faced)
G: Yep and she got a parking ticket.
Great.. Wanna be a fly on the wall at our dinner table tonight?
C xx


  1. Go the Woods!!!

  2. How did the dinner convo go honey :)