Thursday, July 30, 2009

How to tell the difference..

Is now realtively easy, as Jemma now is the proud owner of preety pink glasses.. She only wears them at school though.. So she is still mistaken for her twin now and then..
I am not sure exactly how I feel about this new development.. Don't get me wrong I am totally ok with it..But back in our day, it was a bullying sentence to have glasses.. So I have these residual bad feelings I think.
Anywho.. These days it is just plain exciting to have glasses, so Jemma is totally thrilled.. I took them both to the optometrist thinking everything would be fine.. You know how you neve rthink anything will be amiss with your children?
As it turns out she is longsighted, and slighty worse in one eye.. Hopefully she will not need them by the time she is ten..
But how darn cute does she look. Grace has tried them on and she looks cute too? So if one twin needs glases and the other does not - does that mean they are still identical??
I'll leave you to ponder that thought...
C xx

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