Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shopping spree

Look! I bought myself a baby!
The other supermarket shoppee's were askance at this strange lady taking photos in the carpark of her child...Really? In the carpark no less?? She hadn't even packed her groceries in the car..Tsk..tsk...
But I had to capture the moment..The little terror was climbing out of the designated seating area..Disengaging her wily little body from the dodgy seat belt time and again.. I would turn around to put the vegetables or (other less nutritious item) in and the devil was up on two feet smiling with distinct plans of stepping out!
The only solution was to plonk uncerimonously in the front area of the trolley..Which, naturally, she totally loved.. Her own little personal rollercoaster ride up and down aisles and through the carpark - Awesome!
Seriously, I am going to box her up and send her to David Copperfield. I thing a troupe of ingeneous mini escapees who dribble and smile their way out of supermarket trolleys, prams, high chairs and other adult devices of baby captivity would make a grrat addition to his show...
Now.. Just to find her some partners in crime.....I know they are out there....
C xx

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