Thursday, July 9, 2009

The last I promise..

These are the last ones I will post from this little shoot - I SWEAR. But I had to post some of J and G.. And then I couldn't help but add the cheeky ones of M. I had awesome fun playing with different actions on all of these shots. Amazing the difference you can create with the same background?

M: I fluked this light sepia look. By trialling more than one action on the same image. Pity I can't remember exactly which ones!
J. I just love the tinge. Looks like it comes straight out of the seventies!
M: has a muted vintage effect, she is also slighty blurry in the bigger shot.. But I love her grin and all her teeth! Plus you can see how decidely SMALL our little backdrop actually was in the left shot!
Both J and G in the last group shots I have run a retro action to bring out the colour of the background.
G has a vignette around hers too.
I love to play in Photoshop. So soothing.. to me.. that is..
Mel si coming around to scrap tonight. I scrapped at hers last week.. Will post some layouts I promise. Because yes I do still scrapbook. I am just lazy. Can never be fagged photographing them and uploading.. BUT in the interests of 'good blogging'I will comply and upload whatever I create tonight..Mel always seems to inspire some level f creativity in me...
I also need to discuss whatI am going to teach at the Imagination Factory's retreat. I have no idea as yet.. Sigh..
If anyone has any ideas.. Please leave me a comment. As I am buggered if I know what to do.. I will NOT be doing mini-albums of any description. NOT at all my thing.. Dust gatherers...
C xx

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