Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Always in for a free giveaway..

Its simple. All you have to do is post a picture of their new bottles and the phrase, Glimmer Mist is the same great product with a Fabulous NEW Look!
Email your link to and your name will be placed into the draw for a six pac of the brand new, never released WINTER 2009 colours.
Thanks Mel and before her Jill....

Meanwhile at home we are bring out the winter woolies:

A great trick for itty bitty feet that won't keep their socks on in the dead of Winter:

  • tights under their pants

Perfectly modelled here by Moo..minus the pants for maximum effect. I just do her onesies up over them to help keep them up. I even put socks over the top and viola - can't even tell they are there and they are keeping her warm and when she gets up from her nap she's therefore not cold when I don't bother to redress her - which is often..

The drawback is the way she fiercely tries to escape from them via wild kicking and struggling when I change her nappy.. You would think I was trying to strangle her with them, or perhaps she thinks she looks like a mini -elf gone astray from the North Pole and is seriously unimpressed with this likeness?

Now that I think of it she has a black and grey stripey pair that would be quite at home in the toy workshop.. Put some antlers on the dogs and I have the perfect cheesorama Chrissy pic!

C xx

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  1. oh now even her little leggies are sooo cute!