Wednesday, August 1, 2007


It is the middle of Winter and yes it has snowed previously, but I do love the pool!!

Our entire extended family went up this particular Sunday and we had a blast! The girls had a glorious time with Sophia. She loves the water too and the delight she has is so innocent...

Hallie can't get enough of her little cousin right now!!

Jemma only has trepidation now out of her depth. She spends all her time hanging onto my neck in the deep end. Where she can touch the botton, she swims like she can't touch the ground! Go figure!

Gracie on the other hand, jumps off the deep end and swims out to me. Her little feet going like blue blazes... I have to really watch her, she almost has too much confidence!
I think lessons for the twins might just be in order next year...

Speaking of swimming,Maggie our dog is required to swim to heal her leg after her surgery...So in bitter weather I have been using my bestest encouraging voice to coax both dogs to fetch the ball from the lake...
Gotta be cruel to be kind.
Will upload photos of them next time...

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  1. You got to be kidding? In the lake? Can't you take the dogs to the Y with you??? ;o)