Saturday, August 4, 2007


Here are my most recent layouts from the mags. 'Special bond' featured in FK is a particuar fave of mine! I took the photo of the twins swivelling around on my office chair..Sometimes it's the uncoventional shots that are the best!

The H2O layout was alot of fun. And a part of my new motto - "to scrap the little things!" I find that I get a bit hung up on scrapping the lovely portait shots?? But after a while I find it a bit difficult to come up with a good title for these photos when there isn't anything specific happening in them??

Anyway, Rodda was aghast when I told him it was going to be published! He had yellow hair (another story!) at the time and was not impressed that he was only in his boardies - a 'love handles' issue - apparently???!!? LOL!

Anyway, I think it came up great!!
There you are, that is my share for the day....
Scrap the little moments..
And they are my words of wisdom for the day too!


  1. just gorgeous Layouts as always
    your girls are sooo photogenic. :)
    thanks for your lovely comments on my blog as well


  2. Those layouts are gorgeous, Celeste. I love the second one sooo much ... just beautiful!

  3. I love opening the mags and looking for Celeste LOs! The I can say "I know her" and after next weekend I can say "I've scrapped with her! LOL!!

    Cant wait to meet you!