Thursday, August 30, 2007


Now, we have reached our download limit..So me blogging is a real feat! It took 7 minutes to load this photo! Needless to say I am so glad we don't have dial up anymore!!! I could never go back!

So I haven't been to anyones blogs lately.. But will catch up when my speed is back on the weekend! I am also absent over at LSBS so my apologies ladies. Am missing you, but can't hack the slowness - it is painful!

Here is my fave shot from our family dinner at Nanna and Pa's this past Sunday. Hallie is such a willing little model. Nanna has so many lovely flowers (we DO NOT!) I was going banana's with the camera! I took photos of all the cousins, but it was a wee bit sunny....not the greatest light..

It was lovely catching up with them. The kids get along so well, we should do it more often!

Kids at school and kinder tomorrow - am going to scrap...Wish me luck!


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  1. Oh, she's so gorgeous ... looks just like her mum!!
    We're missing you at LSBS babe ... fingers crossed you get back soon. Luv ya!