Thursday, August 2, 2007


As promised!
My puppies taking a dip!! How cute and cold do they look??

I have this technique. I have to encourage VERY loudly to get Mags in (she has recently had surgery to repair her cruciate ligament)and then I throw the ball with Wilson on the lead. Maggie takes the plunge and swims out to the ball. She touches it with her nose and swims back. At which point I have been letting Wil off the leash to swim out to retrieve said ball!
It is quite a lengthy process, just to get Mags in to use her leg...But then yesterday - more success!!

I was busy shushing Wilson on the shore, who whines and carries on a treat when he is detained from getting the ball....I looked up and darling Mags was swimming back WITH the ball clamped firmly in her mouth!!!

I went bananas with excitment for her and she continued to bring it back!! CLEVER GIRL!

Wilson, unimpressed, stood shivering, whining and get this - teeth chattering - on the shore! You would think he would be suitably happy not to have to put his delicate little paws in the sub-freezing water??
But alas, he has ball addiction....Need I say more?

I also go this lovely shot of the girls.......



  1. Celeste that photo of the girls is to die for!!! Clever girl!

  2. that is just gorgeous
    your dog is a cutie. :)