Thursday, February 3, 2011

This is the face...

That is making me nuts, keeping me yawning, bringing tears to my eyes...Leaving me with very little energy left over for the other four little people, let alone my husband....Sigh....He is five months old - and used to be a pretty good sleeper. Wake to feed and then go back to sleep...

Not anymore..

That face - is awake half the night..Screaming...NOT sleeping..Feeding...NOT sleeping...Crapola..
I am so tired and I know it's gonna happen again tonight - and this time I can't sleep in with the little turd...

Girls are back at school tomorrow....

Last night he cried at 9.30, 10.30, I fed him at 11.30, cried again at 1.00am, brought him to bed with us at 2.00am..Not quite sure what happened between then and 5.30am..He might have been asleep on the boob..Then he was awake and letting it all rip until 7.00am. I lost track of the amount of times I re-wrapped him - only to have him screaming all over again.. I know I lost it twice - tears and I think I yelled "STOP IT"very loudly in frustration. Which was obviously SO HELPFUL.....Not sure how many times I tried feeding him to sleep..But it was a few.. So much so that I stopped putting them back in my nightie..All class me!
He eventually went to sleep sitting up, wrapped and his head fell onto my arm..What the???  He woke at 8.30. I fed him and we both went back to sleep unitl 9.30.......

Bring on the day baby!

Time for some positive action..I got some panadol. I brought some dummies..Which he so far hates by the way... We ARE going to have a better night. I hope xx

I know everyone has bad days..I just felt the need to vent this one...


  1. Oh I know how you must feel to some sort of degree, although those days are a little fuzzy for me as my boys are not so little any more..but do still wake up occasionally!! As a mummy to 5 I am sure you know exactly what you are doing (more so than me!) and only you know your baby and its needs and wants...but in case you haven't heard of this before here is a website that I found really helpful. Sorry if this isn't helpful...but good that you are letting it out. It does help.
    I actually have her book and found it a real lifesaver.
    Take care

  2. You are not alone in all this, I went through the same with my girls...drove me mad!

  3. oh dear i remember those nights so try everything you can think of...and then you start to fear nights because IT is going to happen again..
    perhaps he needs more food in the day.. perhaps i need to try controlled crying which is soo hard..perhaps it is the teeth.. i used to tell myself all these things.. and then one day.. you all get a long sleep and you wake up in the morning full breasted because the baby has slept through again...
    i can relate so well..
    hang in there.. you are an experienced mum so you will get though this too..
    hugs to you..
    be strong..
    i hope you can look back and say.. oh yeah i remember that..
    just one day at a time..

  4. I have tears in my eyes as I know EXACTLY where you are coming from - I have been there done that. My heart aches for you.
    I too recommend the book Save Our Sleep by Tizzie Hall - but also know it works for some but not others. Every bub is different!
    I know what it's like to HATE nights ... oh yes.
    Hang in there. It DOES get better and for that I am sooo thankful for!!! That was the ONLY thing that kept me going. My little boy is 17 months old now and sleeps through about 50% of the time.
    Huge big hugs to you ... I hope that things improve and soon. Hang in there!!!

    Both my children were terrible sleepers so I can totally sympathise. Its the worst thing in the world not to get your sleep but even worse thinking about how you can do it again the next night and the next. It always starts at 5mths so the sleep school told me......why I have no idea!
    Im thinking of you...and dont be afraid to vent. If I lived closer I would come and give you a cuddle and a break!!!!Im calling through ballarat on the 18th BTW! Good luck xx

  6. What a blasted little turd! He has everyone fooled with his baby blues!

    Apparently at 5 months is when their sleep cycles shorten and sometimes they need a "gentle" coax back on track.

    The only thing that I can suggest is maybe solids if you havent? Boys are mega gutses (as you know)so maybe he needs a bellyful before bed and a drop of teething mix for insurance?

    I hope all the fuss is something as simple as teeth or hunger and is fixed up quick... I dont like it when you are frazzled!

    chat soon :)

    mel xx