Monday, February 14, 2011

happy birthday H

I can hardly believe she is 9..
Makes me a little sad..
Alot happy..
She is beautiful...

Nine little things we love about our girl:

1. Her mile a minute conversations...
2. Her burgeoning fashion sense..She has a thing for grey and it does make her eyes pop..
3. Her quirky little love notes left for us..
4. Her creativity..She creates from paper - like her Mama..
5. Her LPS addiction..She has so many littelest pets..and they all have names..
6. She is polite and respectful.. A pleasant trait to have..
7. Her "humph"..When things don't go her way..
8. Her ongoing affection for a certain scruffy bear.. 8rys strong relationship a bear and a girl..
9. Her sweet, loving and excitable nature..

Happy birthday my sweet first little St Valentine's baby girl...

Love Mama xx


  1. Happy Birthday to your big girl, so pretty...♥

  2. Oh my goodness, seems like yesterday I was holding her in the Box Hill Hospital, 24 hours old! Where do the years go? Happy birthday lovely Hallie. xxxx

  3. She is so pretty and sweet. Great pics and I loved reading your list of 9.