Friday, February 4, 2011


a little bit anyways...
The three big girls went back to school today.
Milla and I wandered about our empty house..
"Where the girls Mama?"
I love how she treats them as a collective..
"At school  bugalugs."
"Wanna go school Mama."
No sadness or tears, just a statement...
I even cleaned out the pantry.
I did all the washing.
Big sigh as I hung out the bathers, the shorts, the singlets...The last load of holiday washing..

Now don't get me wrong...I am glad to have them back at school. But I worry for them on their first day in a new class...I miss their smiles and their overwhelming helpfulness...I miss their wierd little stories.. I miss them talking to and entertaining their baby brother.. I miss their noise (!!!$?) No seriously..the noise of them playing their pretend little games together..

I don't miss the stress of dealing with all 5 at once. Six weeks of older kids, a toddler and an infant is more than enough. Doing the groceries this morning with 2 was a relative breeze! In fact almost enjoyable..I bought far too much - I was enjoying it that much. I am pretty sure the old ladfy thought I was smiling because the price of bananas hadn't gone through the roof just yet - but no..Just relishing the ease of two little ones firmly seated in a trolley.. Who'd have thunk it? Single people would have thought me a busy Mum! LOL!

And she misses them...
That probably makes me the saddest...
Ï have sleep..Then go to get girls Mama??"
Yes baby...

Thanks for all the lovely comments about my little RJ man..
He did marginally better last night..
Will keep puddling through..
And will look at the website too!

C xx


  1. i am glad things are a bit better... and yes i can relate about the happy noise!! hope you have an even better night tonight!! take care..xx