Saturday, February 12, 2011

meet my nephew..

Mr. Darcy...
and his first shoot with his Auntie..

Are we ready to begin shooting little man?

Firstly...A bit of a feed to help settle those photo shoot nerves...

Check out the cool frown action goin on here..

At the begininning..He didn't want to play nice..It was really hot and he didn't want to go nigh-nighs..

Hey? You? What you doing with that big black thing in my face?
And by the way - this fluff is cute but dang hot..

Awww..unintentionally.. Got him in a love heart....Like to credit my awesomeness at photogaphic props.. But sadly no...It was fluke..Cute fluke..

Peely fingers...Makes me sad for my big five month old boy...

This is my favourite! I love it! He looks like he is modelling those BONDS!

Always gotta have the sweet feet shot..

Baby in a platter, in, the grass, with a resident spider keeping an eye on my skills..ooohh yeeeew..
Things I will do for a good shot....LOL..

HOpe you think he is as sweet as I do...
C xx


  1. oh he is adorable and the photos are gorgeous!!

  2. darling photos sooo professional !!
    hugz x

  3. He is sooooo cute. Makes me want to do it all over again....
    Your pics and skills are awesome, even the loveheart, I'm sure you meant

  4. awwwwwww he is adorable fabo shots :)