Monday, February 21, 2011


Makes you wanna go and murder a hamburger hey??
So now we are on solids, life becomes more complex..
Gotta plan meals, cook food, transport food...........
And the napisan bucket is getting a serious workout..
Love how that little mouth opens when the spoon comes near..
Like a little baby bird really..
He flaps his wings too..
Excited by smashed pumpkins!


  1. hey celeste been following ur blog for a little while now..... lovely pics of ur boy eating... hehe - i am first time mum now i know y babies start small then gradually get u used to stuff.... like dirty clothes, messing up the house etc - if my boy was to do it from day one i would be one fish out of water!!! hehe.
    anita xxo

  2. OOOOOOHHHHH!! THIS REMINDS ME OF MY CHILDREN WHEN THEY WERE SMALL.. i FIND IT SO AMAZING HOW MUCH THEY LEARN BETWEEN THE AGES OF BIRTH TO 5.... these pics are sooo beautiful ... precious memories to keep forever ... hugz x

  3. awww adorable pics! You have a precious little man..enjoy every moment and milestone! xx

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  5. Oh Celeste his eyes are divine oh such beautiful pics
    he is sooo darn CUTE!