Tuesday, June 5, 2012

winter sunshine and warm chocolate:

I really do love our cold little town.....Sometimes I tend to just whinge about how absolutely freezing it is..The I get to look at it through my lens and then the beauty of it in Winter is abundantly clear..
Here's what I saw camera in hand on this day..
And I'll just let this gorgeous family show you how magical our Winters can be:

I wanted to add a little 'thank you' to this family..

I said from the beginning before I took the first shot..Please just be natural.. I  will get the shots.. You did. It was perfect. At the cafe was just awesome and might I add warming for us all!

My photos will hopefully help you remember a tradition in your family with even greater fondness..



  1. What an amazing photographer you are...these are gorgeous. I bet the family are wrapt. Love the one of the 2 girls down in the leaves. Sensational! Saw you up there with some challenges mentions etc, too.... congrats:):)

  2. THese photos are amazing you have an amazing eye for special moments.. these photos will be cherished forever.. thanks for sharing..

  3. Great photos as always...love this style...love that you captured their little tradition.