Monday, April 30, 2012


In an endeavour to journal more of the important and everyday things that happen in our life on my scrapbooking layouts..I am going to occasionally journal here on my blog with a photo so that I can refer back to it when I scrap the photo. Typing up what happened here seems to flow better than when I try to write my journalling on my pages? Wierd..

 So if reading about the mundane things in my little isn't interesting to you feel free to navigate away now. I will link these post back up to the resulting layout eventually. But seeing as I print photos so irregularly now I have to journal as the photos arrive on my computer not when I scrapbook... Otherwise I forget what actually happens the detail and what not..

So today it's about him and dinosaurs:

One of his first real words..Said at Christmas time and hammered home with a Justine Clarke song (Roar Like a Dinosaur)..Was 'ROAR'....All through the Summertime in Yarrawonga we would put this song on in the car and he would roar...Along with the rest of us! He got this gorgeous stuffed
orange dinosaur from Santa and considering his 'roaring' abililty it soon became a major hit and goes to bed with him now. He also doesn't mind sucking on his tail either. He now points out all the dinosaurs (and there are alot) on the walls in his room and say with this cute little O shaped mouth.."Roar.."..Divine..He's actually saying the word in the second photo..

And because it is the 30th I had better post this  Show Us Your Stuff challenge:

Inspired by a little red mushroom..I had a scrap of this paper leftover and cut it all up to create this.. I am really happy with the result and happy to have scrapped their birthday photo - considering they are 8 and half now!

Edited: Apparently I missed the boat on this one? Collection for this challenge closed already? Must work out how the dates for challenges work over there at SUYS... Hmmmmm..


  1. it shouldnt be closed yet Celeste, hopefully will be sorted out soon, and then you can upload it :)

  2. Technical glitch, you haven't missed the boat.
    It's such a lovely layout too, gorgeous!

  3. Ahhh your boy is soo cute! and a beautiful layout too! love the sense of whimsy!!

  4. Glad you haven't missed it! This is how you've done the misting here:):)

  5. Hey Celeste you haven;t missed the boat I stuffed up with Mr Linky - I have put a new area up where you can link it I loveyour layout!
    so go and link it lovely apologies for my muck up!

  6. Hi Celeste love your lo is so pretty I love that misting so soft thanks for joining us at SUYS cheers Leanne.

  7. Celeste,
    Love your gorgeous take on the challenge.
    Love all the fussy cutting you did with the paper.
    Thanks for playing at SUYS x

  8. Really beautiful! I like the mushroomy influences!