Sunday, April 15, 2012


Our trip away to Mt Buller for the boys 'summer mountain bike ride' - was the cold snap! Buller was actually COLD - and it did snow! Ha! The boys had fun though - luckily they weren't the one to break their collar bone....Hmmmnmn..

Tam and I and all six kids..Yes five of them are mine.... Took them to the river on Sat and on Sun we all climbed the summit of Mt Buller itself. We pointed out all the ski lifts to the kids and were trying to explain how you get on and off them on skis.. Difficult with long brown grass all around..

The day had us convinced we might have to take them there to ski this year..well the bigs anyway..



  1. Gorgeous pics!!! Looks so cold but lots of fun!!!!
    When is your next photography course??

  2. wonderful photos!! beautiful family!

  3. Ahhhhhh, what a lovely weekend it was. William loves them all, he has such fun when we're all together. xx Tamma

  4. Brilliant, brilliant photos...LOVE the one of the kids all huddled together! Also enjoyed the musical memories!!!! I prefer books & silence..DH's a classical music fanatic...but Abba always gets the housework done:):):)