Thursday, April 12, 2012

A bit of boy love:

If you please....Yummy..I'll take it...Look at his big baby blues.. He has me wrapped around his sweet little finger..I was up to him three times last night. I eventually took my 18 month old son to bed with me..Sheesh!

This is him snuggling up after a rather cold dash in the swimming pool..Thank goodness my girlies can handle my camera.. Didn't they do good?

I love how he rests on my shoulder like that. This is totally him right now. Mama's little boy..

enough..I could gush about him all day..
Navigate away now if my boy love is making you barf!!!



  1. No He is too cute! enjoy the snuggles.. they grow up too fast!!

  2. You're funny! How could you NOT love this? And your girls are GREAT with the camera....nice to see you in the frame:):):)