Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chocolate gold:

How was your Easter? We have had glorious sunshine for the most part here.. The kids even got in the pool on the first day! Not since though...

Mr Boy has found chocolate eggs quite to his liking. Apart from initially turfing the larger ones across the caravan like a sherrin footy - they have mostly gone into his mouth - foil free.

Miss M has had her usual trip to the local hospital with infected insects bites..sigh..This time she has had some issue with the pain of them though..Thank goodness for chocolate - it also soothes all manner of ailments..

The bigs - well they have spent most of their time outdoors on their bikes and playing with the other kids..They just stop in for - you guessed it - chocolate..

I rounded them up and with one gold egg up my sleeve..I took them up the back paddock..Some of these shots are from then...I love sunset photo flare at the moment..

Hope you are enjoying your Easter bounty...Chocolate is good for everything..



  1. Gorgeous photos....I LOVE sun flare, sunset or any time! And I love over exposing...weird, probably, but....I've been practising on the step grandies up in QLD...dare say lots of LO's will be made with them in the next wee while...looks like you had a great time away:):):)

  2. Great pics Celeste. Looks like Easter was a success for your kiddies. I was telling somebody at the gym tonight that I had 4 children and it just makes me feel like a freak (even though I have had nearly 5 years of practice at stating this fact). How on earth do you do 5....lol.

  3. OH lovely photos of your Easter... you have a beautiful family!!