Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Right now they are groovin to:

I have wanted to do a post about the music in our lives for some time now..

I just get sidetracked.. Really?? Me??

 Anyway it got me thinking about music in my own life..Certain songs hold special meaning for highlights in my life..Here is a quick rundown:

As mentioned below the tape (shock horror!) Summer 87 was my transition from girl to teenager..

The music from Cats filled my childhood and formed a love of all things musical..

Car travel as a child..I always think of John Williamson..One song about aboriginal girls pretending to be boys.. To ride with Drovers for you know what...Haunts me to this day.. Drovers Boy it is called..

"Believe it or not"..The best theme song to a TV show ever..

To Sir With Love...My favourite song at 16 - which I shared only with my uncle Terry - because it was a very old song..So not cool..

'Ride On time" by Black Box reminds me of home in Haddon and that we had it on record - and my Mum hated it...hehehehe..

Bon Jovi: Slippery When Wet - year seven - every song was cool..

"Adiago For Strings"..Oh my ..Hauntingly beautiful and introduced to me by my uncle Andrew..

"That's What Friends Are For": Coolest and daggiest karaoke moment with all of my besties at 18..It is on tape floating around somewhere..

All things reggae..My nightclub and uni  days..we danced to the the band "White Men Can't Reggae" at Hot Gossip every weekend for two years..

"Throw Your Arms Around Me" - Hunter and Collectors...My song with Rodda..Danced to it every pub we went to and danced to it at our wedding too..

Creed's song "Arms Wide Open"...Hovers over my memories of Hallie's pregnacy and  birth..

I don't even know the name of it..But a song about fathers and sons...Played at my grandfather's funeral still gives me goosebumps..

"I just haven't Met You Yet"...Michael Buble...Made me cry when I was pregnant with my surprise number five babe..

Milla had us play Glee's hit "Don't Stop Believin' "for MONTHS....It reminds me of Rylan's newborn phase because of this...

I can't think of the band right now...But the chrorus goes like this...."It's a quarter after one..I'm a little drunk and I need you now.."...Ohh it takes me back to rocking Rylan in the wee hours of the morning when he was tiny...

So in honour of remembering for my kids, here's what they (and us as a by-product) are into right now:

Bruno Mars:  almost any song on his album gets played over and over.. ( Much to Dadda's horror.) 'Girl you're amazing just the way you are.' This brings tears to my eyes..I hope my girls think this way about themselves..It's how I feel about them..

Justine Clarke:  'Roar Like a Dinosaur' seems to be a crowd fave..'Witches Ball' goes ok too..

Foo Fighters: 'Rope' and 'These Days'...(Yay! For Dadda and Rylan..Boy music!

So Fresh Hits of Autumn: our first 'tween' music purchase..I remember my first being Summer 87.. Think 'Walk This Way' and 'Danger zone' It was the Summer Top Gun was at the movies..
Favourites on this include LMFAO..'Sexy and I know It'...Have it up really loud.. And wouldn't you know it...'You don't know You're Beautiful' by yes..You guessed it One Direction... Does anyone else think their new song, 'You've Got that One Thing'sounds EXACTLY like 'I want It that Way????'

Katy Perry: still hits the right notes with Milla

Paradise by Coldplay: Rylan has a love/hate relationship with this film clip. The Chris Martin dressed as an elephant freaks him out..To tell the truth I'm a bit wierded out by it too..But then he can't look away either.. He sings woh woh woh...And get excited whenever he hears it..

Grease: gest a run on the CD player in the toy room with the door closed..

Rhys Muldoon: (teamed with Kram from Spider bait.. Think  Playschool on crack): 'Bob the Bear'... whose chorus.."Who has done the poo..Bob doesn't know and doesn't know what to do" is screamed loudly by Kram and my family..I even heard Gran singing it to herself whilst changing her grandsons nappy last Sunday....

If you look at it..A very ecclectic mix of girly tween and pre-school songs..With some boy rock thrown in for good measure...Sums us up perfectly really!


  1. That was my first Album too!!!!!! I stil love it but have no record player hmmmmm????? Think I'll need to You Tube Rhys and Kram, sounds hilarious! Tamma

  2. Hi babe
    Oh l knew there was a reason l hadn't been here for a bit, way too many hormones to reading this gorgeous stuff. I have THE tape by the way- it is tucked away safely and will be treasured forever(Mel is already missing- what will the future hold?)
    PS a huge belated "thank you" for the amazing photos,l have sent them to more people than l can remember and hopefully you will receive some business soon. You are simply wonderful and l am so grateful you captured the first days as she has changed so much already, seems she is a lot like her mum and likes to eat HEAPS. Love to you.xxx

  3. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. I will have many tunes in my head tonight. What a great post and love the pic.

  4. Hey! i may just be able to help you out with the father and son song! only becasue it is my ultimate most favourite artist in the entire world all his songs give goose bumps! its cat stevens! very touching and beautiful song great choice :D