Thursday, June 23, 2011

They may not have won the new territory....

(and neither did we!!)...but they are winners..
Look what a beautiful family they are???
Go here to see their first photoshoot..
And they are my friends... So very glad to get the chance to capture you guys.. I really love photographing kids..But there is something really magical about doing the whole kit and kaboodle..Mum, Dad and bubs...Master 'Willman'(as he is currently known) is just such a cutie..
My fave is the last one. Certainly NOT perfect but terribly gorgeous and a little bit out of left field..

Love you guys..Territory notwithstanding....

C xx


  1. These are gorgeous...and such a beautiful little family.

  2. Oh my goodness - he has grown so much! He is so beautiful, great photos Cecil. xx

  3. Ohhhh my God, where has that little baby gone. What a stunning family and boy do l love them too cecil. xxxN

  4. thankyou cecil, you're so gorgeous and clever.