Sunday, June 5, 2011

for the love of

No seriously..I made this for US.. we miled up 18 years yesterday.. When we were first going out he gave me a strawberry freddo for our one month anniversary. It was sweet and important. That one little chocolate promised me he was was sticking around, it said he cared but wasn't that big a gift that he wouldn't frighten me off!  And it also showed me that he remembered things like the date we met and that the gift wasn't as important as the actual celebration..

And well.. the strawberry freddo thing just kinda stuck. Sort of like us really..Every year we give each other strawberry freddos. Sometime lots..Some years just one. One year I hid them and left little clues for him. I have attached them to the top of cupcakes and  another year I totally covered the top of a scrummy chocolate cake in 'nude' freddos.. He has given them to me in amongst other gifts..But they are always there...

So here is the latest installment. It was very easy. Alot of cardboard and heaps of doublesided tape:
Oh and ALOT of freddos. So much so that I bought our local supermarket out of strawberry ones and had to fill in gaps with other flavours:

Happy 18th anniversary babe...I love you and our freddos..Seriously....


  1. What a Sweet Story!! hehehe
    A HAPPY 18th Anniversary... YEP! gotta love Strawberry Feddo's!!!!!

  2. oh how lovely! congrats to you both.. and enjoy the freddos together!!

  3. oh that is gorgeous - just an original idea!
    Happy anniversary :)x