Monday, June 27, 2011

Day book Monday: 27/6

Outside my Window..Can't see actually..The curtains are closed and have been all day.. Luckily I have just been out to the supermarket and I know that the sun is setting and it's bright orange and beautiful..

I am thinking... that I should start cooking dinner...Nah....

I am thankful for...three impeccable school reports....My gorgeous girlies..

From the kitchen - NOT dinner..Obviously! But I do have new BPA free plates and bowls for my littlies..

I am wearing.... my trackies and runners. Finally got a little bit of exercise, after many days of uuuggghness..

I am couple of clients jobs to do. I also made three canvasses for Paddy's first birthday and forgot to photograph them...rrrrrrr..

I am hearing... Milla..She is whispering beside me.Has dropped her afternoon nap. So I am hearing her ALOT more these days!

Around the house..Unmade beds, clean washing, a child virtually sitting on top of a giant flatscreen telly? What the?? I mean seriously? I get it in the 80's when I was a littlun..The telly's were alot smaller..Sob..sob... BUT she also has a massive 8 seater leather lounge she could be splayed out on!! Sheesh..
One of my favourite things..My little 'mini - me' Milla. At this very moment she too is typing away on the little computer beside me..When I breastfeed RJ, she too is breastfeeding her baby and patting it's little stuffed tushy...When I put him down to sleep she too puts her baby to bed in her room and closes the door.....
A few plans for the rest of the week...Maybe another walk tomorrow...And then enjoying the relative simplicity of having only 2 children at home...As we gear up for the school holidays the week after!

And of course a photo to share.. My little Rylan James...aka... Ryley J:


  1. Hi! sounds like busy bliss at your household!!

  2. if only I wasn't so far away from you !!!
    all you do is just fabulous!!