Wednesday, June 8, 2011

sausage rolls, frozen peas and double-sided tape:

I have received alot of positive comments on my ability to find time to scrap with five kids.. So here is how I do - some of the time anyways..Last week I didn't scrap. My desk was a bomb site and it stayed that way...BUT I cooked healthy meals all week, I did all the washing (and put some of it away!) ...SO this Monday when Rodda was on night shift  we had leftover homemade sausage rolls, peas, raw beans (the girls love them uncooked) and this allowed me the extra time to scrap. Ryley J was sleeping and the girls were all playing happily and I immersed myself in tape and paper and paint:

Kraft It Up:

The challenge this month was a timeline. So here it is. My mister blue experiencing his first easter egg. I didn't journal that minute after I took these shots he swallowed green foil seconds before I could fish it out....Have been playing with paint again. I must admit that I do find it tiresome though. Al the washing up and drying time. Might have to invest in a heat gun - because in spite of my attitude I really do like the effect! Old easter stickers used up - check. Old basic grey chipboard title - check.

Once Upon A Sketch:

Based upon this lovely sketch by Nadia. Naturally I have tortured it... I always have difficulty with pastels. So I am not enirely happy with it. But I love the photos. So I love it. Paint again. Misted lace. Hand cut hearts. An old American Craft Lizzy sticker up there on the left..

Scrap the Boys:

Using this colour combo (there is a white block on the end that you can't tell is there!):

I love everything about this layout. The fact that all the photos are separated. Highly unusual for me. I love the little guitar and the typewriter..Again with the painting - and this time stamping - ooh aah...lalala..

Thanks for looking...What leftovers can I fill my kids with tonight???


  1. All gorgeous Celeste!
    I love seeing your boy pages... i always seem to struggle to pull boy pages together.
    And I can totally relate to the time thing. Some weeks I don't scrap and my house is beautiful. Other weeks I do and it kinda falls's all balanced :P

  2. Simply stunning LOs! I adore them all... and as a Mum of four kiddies...I hear you on the balancing act, side of things! Love your work..x

  3. gorgeous work...I'm a BIG fan!
    Thanks for playing along with us at OUAS!

  4. Had to laugh at what you said about finding time to scrap. Well I have 2 kids and work etc and people ask me too how I do it! My sacrifice is my sleep..LOL! I sleep VERY late..but I have bribed the kids with junk from time time just to scrap...bad mummy huh?

    So happy you decided to play along again. LOVE seeing your work..This layout is gorgeous. LOVE the pictures too.

    Take care!

  5. oh these are gorgeous!! beautiful photos feature on your layouts.. and whatever you are doing with your kids.. they look happy and healthy!!

  6. Hello super mother with your super kids!!!! I love your LO is perfect

  7. your layouts are gorgeous and i love how you use paint!
    just fabulous.
    great take on Nadia's sketch!
    Thanks for playing with us at Once Upon A..Sketch!

  8. Sounds like you know how to have a great home/life/fun balance.

    Love your pages!!

  9. I`m in awe.....five kids and time to create all these gorgeous layouts!!!!! Well-done! ~Gerry~

  10. this looks amazing!!! LOVE your page.... so much detail!! xoxo Charmane

  11. Love all your pages, your work is beautiful, it's really great to see you at Once Upon a Sketch!!!

  12. Gorgeous Layouts.
    I love how you have spaced out the photos for the Scrap the boys page. It works so well together.
    I agree I only have three kids but I find scrap time hard to come by. I do baked beans on toast the nights I want to scrap. I usually have to put sleep to one side too. Its those late nights though that the baby decides to be teething and wake up every half an hour :-)

  13. these layouts are all amazing! I love all the little bits and pieces...and the painting! lol you definitely do need a heat gun! I use mine all the time when I paint or mist. I love how you find the time to scrap! I have 3 kids and if you have time to scrap it's totally because there's something that isn't getting done in the all that fun cleaning and cooking! lol

  14. Wow! LOVE them all! Your lo's are always so gorgeous! LOVE your style!!!!!!

  15. I have four kids & am so sleep deprived I can't sleep now even if they don't disturb me! Too used to years of little eyes staring at me saying "I fell out of bed mummy"!!!! Thanks for sharing your one layout with Once Upon a Sketch. They are all lovely. We also have a Reilly (just a different spelling)

  16. I really love your layouts!! they are so unique and different!!
    i'm a new follower

  17. Gorgeous work Celeste!! I really don't think I could manage to scrap with 5 kids.. you're a supermum!! Thanks for playing along at KIU