Friday, June 10, 2011


A few shots from his little mini shoot for his first birthday invitation. He is so super cute and Milla is secretly..Well not so secretly harbouring a little crush on him...
The little lad who sings karaoke  in this commercial  - is the spitting image of what I think Paddy will be in five years time.....and he's so super cute!
Sash - we need to do a proper full family shoot for you I think...

C xx


  1. She so cute at all..I love thos photos and all your work is just gorgeus..I love all your pages.You have a wonderful family..all your girl are gorgeus!!!!!
    I came from Once upon....and I enjoy everything in your blog.
    I´m follower now.!!!
    I wish a wonderful weekend.
    Kisses and huges from Brazil

  2. Oooh I totally agree. I love that little kid and I thought that the other day when I was watching that ad.
    What a cutie!
    Beautiful pics Cecil, as always

  3. He is such a little spunk! Beautiful boy. xx