Monday, April 18, 2011

too fast..

he is 7 months old...
he can:

sit on his own and rarely falls - unless he is vigourously 'hugged'by his two yr old sister - and then he often face plants..
is reaching for everything from the sitting position..
has a new fascination with wheels. The kid will pull a toy pram onto himself in an effort to get to the wheels..
eats three meals a day.
give me a 'cats bum' face when he has had enough to eat..Very funny!
weighs 8.3kg and is sitting pretty on the 50th percentile.
sits happily in the seat of a supermarket trolley..pulls at everything within his reach.
sleeps in his baby carrier...aah heavy but oh so sweet..
chuckles when I blow raspberries in his chubby neck.
can roll both ways..BUT hates laying down now. Would prefer to sit.
Is still feeding during the night.
has no teeth yet -but I think there is one close...
is a big mummy sook. Hates it when I leave the room.
flaps his arms and legs like a crazy person when one of the cats or the dogs pass him by..
Couple that with cute little squeals and it's a pretty darn cute thing to watch!
Looks like this:

...and I just love him to pieces..WhenI took these he was just so happy. Smiling and giggling. I think I got 50 decent shots in the space of five minutes!
Look at those big baby blues!!

..and here he is doing his sitting thing..Oh so clever.. It''s hard to tell but he was dong the flappy arms and legs thing during this group of shots!


  1. look at those perfect baby blues! what a cutie :)

    And i have to say i LOVE your banner photo! So beautiful...and seriously, you look like their big sister!!

  2. Seriously cute! I love the cat's bum look, very becoming ;)

    Hey i re-started a blog... just my arty adventures, take a look-see.

    Love ya xxxx

  3. he certainly is a handsome one!! and growing way too fast!! i have enjoyed sitting on the side lines and watching the gorgeous photos you put up on your blog!! i smile to myself, so thank you for the joy of watching your boy and thinking of my son.. soon to be 26!!

  4. He is just adorable and those photos are just amazing!

  5. He is gorgeous!!!!

    Also want to let you know you were a March winner at STB, can you email me your postal address at
    Mel x