Sunday, April 3, 2011

Right now.. our house...

  • Milla is crying hit with a door....Hmmmm..
  • Kissed it all better..
  • The washing is eating me alive...
  • Baby is sitting..quietly..Playing with a packet of wipes..Loves the crinkly noise it makes..
  • Girls are cleaning their room.Apparently..
  • We are waiting for visitors.. They will have to take us as we come..Human-eating laundry and all...
  • I am fully dressed, showered and blow-dried - (we are having visitiors)
  • Rylan's highchair is coated in smooshed toast...More on it than in his mouth..
  • Baby is crying...Wipes have lost all appeal it seems..
  • Girls are squealing - apparently a new cleaning technique - will have to try it..Later..
  • Girls are pulling the legs and arms of a baby doll..Won't try that..Rylan wouldn't appreciate it..
  • They are talking about the pies big win yesterday on the TV. Yay! We were ALL there!!
  • A toy car sits to my left..That is still a surprising and new feature in our house..
  • Baby is now playing with said car and is quiet again..
  • Girls are quiet again - cleaning perhaps??? Not likely...
  • Milk is out on the bench..
  • Coffee machine is on and waiting for me..
  • Drawings and textas strewn across the kitchen table...
  • Girls are loud - AGAIN..Cleaning???
  • Mr Potato Head appears to be staring me down from the coffee table..He's freakin me out.. Look away man..
  • Milla is crying again...Third time for the day..
  • I feel bad..I trounced M for wailing the house down this morning when we were ALL still asleep.. Turns out I forgot about daylight savings and she had actually slept in..On the old system anyways...Sigh..
  • Baby is still playing with car - no- wait...Whining starting....getting louder...Time for bed....For me too?   I wish...
  • Gotta go...put him to bed.. If he ever stops grabbing his toes:

Bye xx


  1. Well love you are good for a laugh anyway! NEVER have heard your girls "loud" tho!- Good fun reading and love the pic! xxNik

  2. Awww... sometimes it's hard isn't it ... but OH so worth it!!! :-) gorgeous pic of your little one :-)