Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hoppy Easter...

Don't you just love his fascination in the first series of shots??

The fascination only lasted very briefly before the egg was wedged firmly in his mouth. Followed very closely by the swallowing of foil..Hmmm. The girls and their cousins got a massive haul this Easter and enjoyed spending time with family..Which is what Easter is all about for us.

It was VERY cold Easter morning and we had to hold the girls at bay for a good half an hour so the sun could warm them when the hunting began.. ANd then it began in earnest...All over very quickly.. and then we had to spill them all out on the floor from their baskets to divvy them up evenly. Mind you - the girls were very thoughtful and made sure during the hunt that the little ones collected their fair share and were totally involved..Sweet.. Love him and his bunny ears..So did he it appears...

Bye xx

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