Monday, April 4, 2011

Jodie and Ben

Oh my gosh. How MUCH fun did I have photographing this lovely couple, their family and friends???  I hope they knew I was totally sincere when I said they were a very easy couple to shoot. The love for each other was so obvious and the love was even more evident when I started editing their photos...

Truly, their's was a day filled with joy and quaint vintage charm. It was brimming with love, happiness and fun in a spectacular country location. Congratulations Jodie Ben, Scarlett, Lily and Eddie....

Thank you again guys.. I hope the rest of your wedding was as much fun...And I hope Eddie recovered from his little wedding wound!
And I gotta say - the cake topper - Awesome!

Call me for an appointment to see then ALL in full!

C xx


  1. truely stunning photograph celeste... x

  2. What a neat post! Thank you for sharing!

  3. wow they gotta be happy with those photos.. they are stunning..

  4. OMG thats what you see in all the wedding books they look amazing job well done

  5. WOW,WOW , WOW!!!! You are one amazing photragpher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And yes i am still going to organise A photoshoot...just trying to find a date where hubbys not working!!!!!
    Awesome pics Celeste.
    I so hope you do run your classes!!!

  6. such stunning photos Celeste!!

  7. Oh Celeste just beautiful! I wish I could have wedding for you to photograph! I'll just have to sttle for you doing my Myrtle & Grace stuff.

    P.S Nearlly ready for the next photo shoot (with the boys) give me a call when the holidays are finished.