Friday, April 1, 2011

Thankful -- Friday..

Because I had no download left for a true thankful Thursday!
So I am thankful for:

  • sunny skies..meaning I can get out and walk with my two littlies..
  • conversation..with my two and half year old. It is continual.."What's that Mama?"
  • A decent block of sleep at night ..Rylan is improving...At last..
  • mushy veges..He is munching on homecooked stuff now..
  • Hallie being nine..We took 2 trolleys through the supermarket..She pushed M and I pushed R.. The twins danced around between the two. What a sight.
  • junior masterchef..My kids made dinner..Awesome..
  • Two bubs sleeping during the day at the same time.. Down time..... aaahhh..
  • my wok. I cook EVERYTHING in it... It's the only thing big enough..
  • a baby who sleeps in his baby carrier..
  • scrapping..A creative outlet that I crave..
  • Macca's coffee.
  • seeing great photo shoot locations everywhere I go..
And on that note... Also a photo to share..Just because I can't blog without one.. This was Milla. Being my test model on location for a wedding I was shooting.. Wedding went super well.. Photos to share of Jodie and Ben's big day very soon..



  1. Love the new blog layout - gorgeous photo of you and the kids! How easy were you all to photograph?! Agree that we are definitely doing it again in a year's time. xxx

  2. love the new look blog.. gorgeous photos!! and so much to be thankful for...

  3. lovin the new look stacey

  4. How gorgeous is your header photo!!! I see you worked out the widgets, looking good. Ilove Thankful Thusday...even on a friday:)