Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some cuter images of my tum..

I actually got in the bath that night and the girls giggled coz the heart was still there...

Thanks Grumbles, for Milla's new aqua wall it made good for some shots..

Showing off the only 'bad girl'thing I have...hehehehehe
Looks smaller lying down somehow..
Look at the fluid in my face! Yikes.. I thought I was doing well in the fatty face department!

Now I LOVE these shots in the flowers.. So cute considering I was standing in WATER and Cindy was wet to the knees taking them!! Sorry about the bra.. But I like the effect..
Thanks again Cindy.. It was totally nice not having to edit them and just getting the finished product!
Next up..Photos of bub.. Might be a while before I get to blog again..
See ya!


  1. I know it is silly to say, but good luck with it all. (I always told people that wished me luck that I hoped that luck had nothing to do with the birth process!! LOL). Can't wait to see your beautiful photos of your beautiful bubba.

    It all goes so quickly....mine is 12 weeks old today :(

  2. Does this mean the end to your public displays of (half) nudity?

    I really love the ones in your bra with the yellow flowers...totally worth getting wet feet for.

  3. Beautiful photos. Hope all is well, can't wait to see photos of the new arrival. Best wishes,