Saturday, September 18, 2010

Introducing Rylan James....

Hope you are as smitten as we all are......
Birth weight: 3340grams
Length: 49cm
I love the third last photo..he's looking at me with the camera..It seems like he's thinking about getting used to this big black thing poked in front of his sweet little face.. It also shows off his sweet little mullet! His belly button stump came off the day after he came home so I am glad I got these shots too.

These are all shots from his 5 days in hospital. He is 2 weeks old today.. I will post a more recent photo soon!


  1. Oh i am smitten! i love babies.. and what absolutely amazing photos.. thanks for sharing them... he looks so beautiful... a big congrats to you and your family... and he also looks like he will get lots of love from his big sisters!! now you will have some blue in your house!! well done!! best wishes to you all!

  2. Congrats Celeste, on the arrival of your little boy. I love your blog and can't wait to see more gorgeous pics.

  3. It's not a girly world any more! :)

  4. Oh, he is divine, divine! Loved meeting him yesterday, welcome to the 'Blue Team'! xxx

  5. He's just perfect Cecil! You'll need to change your blog name now.
    Being around all my gorgeous girls and their beautiful new bubbas yesterday was just lovely, maybe I am ready now.... x

  6. Congratulations!!!! He is so sweet!!! You will have to change your blog name now!!!
    Beautiful photos! Hope all is well!

  7. Congrats Celeste and family. He looks just gorgeous. He's going to love having four big sisters to dote on him.
    Regards Heather B

  8. This is simply wonderful news. What a darling little man you have. Congrats to you all. I know you all would have equally been overjoyed with another little lady, however, I'm sure your hubby is relieved to have someone on "his side" ...especially throughout the coming teenage years! LOL. Again, congrats and all my very best wishes!

    Sam Simpson (Paperdoll)

  9. wow how SLOW am I, a very belated congratulations on a bundle of blue :) they are so much fun

    those photos are INCREDIBLE too, you forget so quickly just how little they are.