Tuesday, August 24, 2010

She's 2...

And her big day is over and I am exhausted..Ready for this newest babe to come..But we have Dadda's birthday and father's day to go too..
But it was fun making a few little pretty things to help her celebrate.. Lots of pink..Lollies, flowers and even some little gifty bags I made up for her sisters and cousins who came to help us celebrate..
The weather didn't play fair and so the light was terrible for decent photos..She has this cute way of holding up both hands to show how old she is..I think I have captured it in a photo.But I will have to get her to do it in better light too I think. She was totally spoilt. Lots of new outfits for the Spring that is just around the corner..Toys too..
Her cake was just a packet mix that I  "over decorated"to disguise that fact! I quite liked the effect.. Very simple - LOTS of sugar!!


  1. Hi Celeste My How time fly's. Two already. Delightful photo's. The party looked so good I think I want to be a kid again. All the best for the next few weeks. Hope all goes well. Regards Heather B.