Friday, August 6, 2010

Sweet sweet Sophie..

I had so much fun photographing this little poppet..Even though my belly got very wet..Dragging in the long wet grass!! Hehehehe! Love the mix of grey, grey skies, yellow tall flowers and this little miss..
She was very chilled out. Her Mum and I kept a conversation going throughout these photos..And the little love was sitting on a green shopping bag in wet grass no less!

Gotta get with an outfit change too..

I love the dark green leaves..So big and glossy..Just like her eyes!
Home now..And didn;t it RAIN the minute we left!

Having Milla in the background helped provide giggles aplenty..

This is my favourite.. A little no-traditional..

Andf of course a favourite traditional portrait too..

And just coz I think she has the most amazing eyes..
Now I know it seems that I photograph a lot of 'little ladies' - and I do..
But my next post - yay a BOY!
The harming a delightful Oliver coming up soon..
Shifting from beautiful blue eyes.. to pools of melted chocolate..
Thanks Sophie and Michelle..
This was fun!

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