Friday, June 11, 2010

Me and my girls..

Very late..But this was the only shot taken on Mothers Day! We set it up with a timer on the way home from our activities.. very last minute and without Rod..He had left for work before it occured to me that we hadn't taken any shots!
Also - you can't see my bump! I am going to get some shots of it soon. I promise! I think I am going to drag the older girls out inthe cold tomorrow to the same location I took Milla to the other day.. Se if I can't get some nice shots of them too.. That's if I can be fagged prettying them up before hand.. I promise nothing in that regard..
Note: Milla no longer says 'bunt' for button..She says 'bunton'..which is really sad for me.. I loved her cute little words..But she is making so much more sense..Drat! She also has lovely manners. Says 'tanku' (thank you) without being prompted and follows that with the word 'manners'. She is just telling me so I know!

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