Saturday, June 19, 2010

And the award goes to..

(for a day anyway)

These are the criteria I established over the course of one badly run day of the week..This week..
This self-appointed award is easy to achieve..If you garnered at least three of the following..You can justifiably award yourself too:
  • M dropped her cereal from a great height..I allowed the dogs to "clean up"
  • The girls went to school sans coats..the day was 11 degrees..
  • They DID go to school with extra dog fur sticking to their damn polar fleece jumpers though? Does that count for warmth?
  • I did their hair without ribbons or hairspray (shock horror!)
  • M wore the same clothes as the day before..Even with weeties dried out on the sleeve..
  • M had 2 plain slices of bread..Nothing else..For lunch..
  • I had half a pack of pringles..Sorry bub..
  • When "Grace whinged about another sister 'frowning'at her - for the third time (sheesh?!?) I told her rather loudly to -  and I quote: "Harden up princess. Frown back...And if she frowns back again.. Why don't you just thump one another and get it over with!" Plenty of frowning back at me after that little performance..
  • M had three sweet biscuits ten minutes before dinner..Sigh..
  • I also allowed the dogs to "clean up"after dinner as well..Generous to a fault I am..
  • I PAID my children pitiful amounts to unstack and stack the dishwasher, while I soaked in the tub..
  • I used M's top, that she was wearing,  to wipe snot candles from her nose..More than once..
  • M went without a nappy from 4 - 7pm...
  • I accidently gave M panadol for older children..She slept well..
  • I never raised a curtain in the house all day..
  • I never made my bed..The girls made theirs..
  • I did no washing.

Now..There can be no reasonable justification for these crimes against my mothering..BUT..I have the worst cold ever..The kids are all coughing and snotting too..AND I am heavily pregnant to boot.. So those are my excuses..Make of them what you will....


  1. Ah, one of THOSE days. If you're really feeling too rotten I'd recommend asking your doctor if you can get something for the cold.

    Have a better day. xx

  2. i love your honesty! we all have days like that and Im glad Im not the only one. take care and hope you feel better soon.