Friday, June 4, 2010


Sorry for my absence.. I normally blog when M is napping..But lately I have been napping too..The middle of the day comes around and I fold up on the couch and sleep to the sounds of Days Of Our Lives..It can't hold my interest and I drift away..I have also been really SLACK with the camera..So I made an effort with M the other day and took soem Winter snaps of her..A great spot for photos right near Big W..People must have thought I was a bit mad..Plus it was really quite nippy.. I have more..But these are all I have edited right now.. Plus I need to go and hang my sheets up - in my new DRYING CUPBOARD..Woohoo!! I LOVE it..
I love my laundry now.. It's clean fresh and a place to hang and fold my clean washing..If only I could kill off the three night time inhabitants....Our cats.. They bed down and eat and SHIT in there..So it's a big job keeping it CLEAN and FRESH..But seeing as murdering their feline persons in their sleep would severly aggrivate my children's personal development..I will just have to content myself with waiting for them to die..Could be a while...I do encourage day time outings across the road...Nah.. I do love them..But seriously cats - never ever have three at once!! Sheesh!

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