Saturday, June 26, 2010

A little sneak peek at..

a) my future! OMG! Look at her in this last shot?? Seriously?? She is eight!

b) more importantly..The clothing line Myrtle and Grace . It is up and running and I had the opportunity to photograph the clothing and put my kids in them too!  Rachael is making some really beautiful handmade pieces that are very versatile.. The red dress as featured on my 'far to grown up' 8 yr old...Well I wore it too! 28 weekd preg.. I will post photos to show as soon as I edit them. I loved all the little accessories too.. They really made the photos pop.. I especially liked the headband both Milla and Hallie were wearing.. The pearls were a delicate touch too..

Anyways..I prattle on.. I really just posted becauseI just wanted to get these indoor ones up for Rachael to peruse. I was very pleased with the result, considering I wasn't entirely sure they would turn out.. But the weather has simply turned on us this weekend and outdoors has become beyond impractical! 

So these shots -  I just took them in a corner of one of my brightest bedrooms and then edited them.. My other little twinnigans are insisting they too get a go in the dresses..So I will take a few more tomorrow morning! You should have heaps to choose from Rachael!

There is also one of Miss M and one of Rachael's Miss E from the outdoors part of the shoot..They are just a sweet little pair and were so very brave in the face of such a cold day! Standing and being brave for all the shots while the sun hid behind a cloud and the wind began to pick up.. True little supermodels they were.. husband thinks Miss H needs a portfolio and some paid work now..We'll see.. She did insist upon posing herself and constantly rearranging her hair..Rrrrr.. Which I kept putting  back the way I wanted it..I told her that a future in modelling means standing for long periods of time and doing as your told.. Not sure she can TRULY get with that program!


  1. I just love, LOVE, love them so far! You are just way too clever!

  2. OMGyour girls are top model I would say! Beautiful photos...wish mine were half as good!

  3. They're lovely photos! Great backgrounds too. :)

  4. Hi Celeste Lovely to catch up at the weekend. regards Heather B.