Saturday, March 13, 2010

Picture perfect..

It has taken me an awfully long time to edit the photos of Gina's family..Because almost every shot was perfect. They have the honour of being the easiest family to photograph. I officially have no trophy for this award..But perhaps the extra photos will more than make up for it..

So, I have tried to show some example that are little bit quirky..Not perfect, but showing the fun and love this family obviously shares.. The group shot was my fave. I had instructed the kids to run towards me..Dad joined in and I think the resulting image is totally cool!

Baby P was tricky. didn't want to smile..But..right at the end I snapped her in her Mum's arms. Grinning like a chesire cat..Perhaps she was pleased she had managed to vomit pumpkin onto her white suit! Nevermind sweetie..I fixed it!

Thanks guys..Awsesome fun..

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