Monday, March 8, 2010


My sister in law has started this daybook Monday stuff over at her blog 2 pixies.. I always enjoy reading it so I though I would give it a go...
For Monday 8th March..Labour Day..2010

Outside My Window...I see the day seat Rod is in the process of building, a pair of workboots, a muddy red wagon and wet ground..Yay it rained!

I am thinking...that my highschool sweetheart must still be hot..He just got engaged and comes second in big ski races..sigh..Shouldn't look back..But who can help it?

I am thankful for...Littlest Pet Shop toys..The girls are happily engaged with them..If not a bit noisy..
From the fridge and pantry are disgracefully messy..But they have doors - that close - so who gives a damn? Also that all it's associated smells are not making me want to puke quite so much this week..

I am wearing...My new (expensive) maternity 'skinny'jeans. LOOOOVE them....So comfy..Good purchase..

I am creating...this post for my blog?? That's about where I'm at..Actually I did make caramel popcorn lat night..Yummy!

I am perhaps take a nap whilst M is napping..But it is a public holiday and I need to keep the bigger girls quiet...So she CAN nap..
I am reading...NOTHING..But have just finished 'The War Within.' An autobiography about one man's life and journey through the Vietnam war...

I am get an ultrasound appointment this week. I haven't booked and I forgot  that today was a holiday..Oops!
I am hearing...The Academy Awards on the telly and my three bigger girls trying to play quietly..Not sure how successful they are..

Around the house...Washing to be folded..Washing to be washed..But overall tidy.. The dog is watching me intently from across the loungeroom.. I wonder what he is thinking? Something profound? Nah.. He has just picked up his ball..He wants to play..sure buddy..Next week..

One of my favourite things...My girls do their own hair on days off from school..Big news in this house..seriously makes my life easier..Plus the twins hair is so long, gorgeous and curly..I love it..Especially when I don't have to do it!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Ultrasound, parent teacher interviews on Wed (that I have no appointments for and it is Mon - Yikes!) and maybe a movie night Tues..I might get to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D!

A photo to share...Milla had a meltdown in Target this morning..We hit the toy aisles..The baby doll aisle was heaven sent for her..Row upon row of 'bubbas'..She is crazy for them and has a vast selection at home..Needless to say getting her to leave such a vast and colouful array without one proved to be a challenge..She dug in  her heels, screamed, hit me (!!!!) and screamed 'BUBBA'at the top of her lungs all the way out of Target..Lovely..I did my best not to laugh at her misfortune..She is so cute when she's angry..It just mkes me want to giggle..Bad Mummmy..
So in honour of her current obsession...


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  1. Who is still hot and winning big ski races? Willy?