Monday, March 22, 2010

Outside My Window...Sunny skies..A lovely Autumn day for my girls junior school sport..

I am thinking...That I should get back to editing photos for clients..

I am thankful husband who got the groceries and a pastie and cookies too for my lunch today..
From the kitchen...Our steamer part to our coffee machine arrived in the mail today (the orginal did a disappearing act about two weeks go)..Alas it was the wrong part...Rrrrrrrr

I am wearing... yep you guessed it...maternity pants..Will just copy and paste this entry for the next 6 months hey??
I am playing with my editing skills lately..Trying to tweak my colour..
I am going...snooze after this post. I had quite a big Sunday..

I am reading...websites about Canon 5D camera bodies..I am also in 'la la land'.....

I am hoping...for a new camera and know I am not going to get one..Need to downgrade my hopes me thinks!
I am hearing...Ready Steady Cook theme music and now Peter Everitt's highly annoying voice..Must change the channel..Probably should just turn the TV off really..
Around the house... The chairs and wall opposite me contain not one but 4 dolls, a toy pram, a toy trolley
and toy car...

One of my favourite things...Being able to have a sleep in the middle of the day if I so choose..

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Obstetrician appt, photoshoot, photo editing, scrapbooking crop maybe...

A photo to share...My darlings after being outside all afternoon..Right up until the sun was setting..I was just about to drag them into the bath and give them a late dinner..Gotta love daylight saving and weekends and Autumn and messy hadns, face and hair!

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  1. Bummer about the coffee machine said it was too easy!!
    Am liking the photos...nice and natural looking colour, lovely light.