Monday, March 15, 2010

Daybook Monday

Outside My Window...Washing drying on the clothes horse in the Autumn sunshine..It's on the clothes horse because after almost 5 years in our home, we still don't have a clothes line..

I am thinking...about what to have for dinner. Actually I am thinking that I can't be fagged making dinner..
I am thankful for...playgroup..Always fun and because it was dress up today Milla got a new purple frilly fairy dress..

From the kitchen...the floors are filthy. AGAIN. Luckily Milla tipped a FULL jug of water onto the tiles last night and I used J and G's used swimming towels to mop it up..Saves mopping today I think!

I am wearing...  thongs that have obviously seen a good Summer..Looking a bit flimsy..Aah..They will see me through Easter..

I am creating...NOTHING. Have no energy or interest in anything remotely crafty..I am also up to date on clients photos...
I am take the twins to a dance class this afternoon..AAAAAGH!! What am I thinking???

I am reading...other people's blogs..So interesting..Peeking into other people's lives..

I am hoping...The twins are unco..and HATE dance classes...Hehehehehe
I am hearing...the washing machine and the clock ticking..Delightfully quiet around here..
Around the house...My thongs are multiplying..I see another worn pair floating around the lounge room floor..I guess this means the weather remains warm..For now..Also a calendar with a week/month fillling up...Sigh..

One of my favourite things...I know I sound like a broken record.. Buth the quiet is just SO nice right now..
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Hallie's famous Aus presentation, Kell and baby Oliver visiting, dance class, coffee morning here, Rachel and new baby William coming for photos..Yay!
A photo to share...A bit late..Seeing as her birthday was a month ago..But better late than never...This little note just melted my heart..

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