Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gotta love country living..

Looks like a photo froma catalogue.. Seriously how cute??
My goodness..I couldn't get the colour version to upload..But it's good too..Molly I believe?

Lucy..Before I had her twin sister Molly help convince her to play along..Still so cute..Love that pout!

Molly and Lucy....Twins have such a special connection...

Now I think I have it correct.. Lucy on the left...Molly on the right?? So alike.. so gorgeous!

Big brother..Angus..Don't smile buddy.....This little phrase worked heaps..Thanks Mum..

The sun, the paddock...Thank goodness for kind Spring weather..and ....

and absolutely awesome backdrop.. Always come away from Sarah's house wanting to move into the country!

All done??
Thanks Molly for letting me know...
Had a lovely glass of wine just after I snapped this and it hit the spot just right..I had a blast and these are just a few of many of my faves..
I understand a little better how difficult it is for people to tell the difference between my twins, when I have spent a couple of hours photographing someone else's.. I knew they were wearing different outfits..But I couldn't get it straight for most of the evening! I am fairly certain that Lucy was in the hot pink..And Lucy once warmed up was a tiger.. Alot of sweet little arm crossing and frowning once she has decided enough photos!
Thanks guy.. You have the honoured title of 'most relaxed' family...
c xx

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